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95-99 alumina ceramic tube

95-99氧化铝陶瓷管 95-99氧化铝陶瓷管 95-99氧化铝陶瓷管

95-99 alumina ceramic tube Description:
95 to 99 alumina ceramic material has excellent insulating properties, high-frequency loss, high insulation and good; alumina ceramic non-combustible, stainless, sturdy easy to damage, with other organic materials and metal materials incomparable fine nature. Alumina ceramic wear resistance, hardness and corundum same, reaching nine Mohs hardness, wear resistance and super-hard alloy match. Alumina ceramic heat resistance, has a thermal expansion coefficient, mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and good features, with chemical resistance and other characteristics of molten metal, the product has reached domestic leading level.

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